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It's not enough to just blow the bad guy away. You gotta have style, flair, pizzaz. They need to know that they messed with the wrong dude--the dude with the perfect one-liner.

Musclebound Glory is about channeling your inner 80s action hero and crafting the perfect kill line. You and the other players will hear a randomized action movie-style moment (including the villain being killed, the method of annihilation, and a twist), for which you must craft the perfect killer zinger. The best line is decided by the group, and a new hero walks away from the explosion victorious, never turning back.

How it works

Each round, three crds are dealt out (one of each type). These will describe the scene: the villain, the way the hero kills them, and a twist.

Players take on the role of the hero, and should attempt to come up with a killer one-liner to suit this climactic moment. If a player is able to come up with a one-liner, they should signal that they are ready by striking an "action pose".

Once several players have a line (the exact number can be determined by the playgroup), they deliver them one at a time, with as much zeal as possible. If you have props, use 'em! Players who did not have lines this round act as the judges, determining which one-liner was best. Judges should reward players for incorporating all three of the cards into their line, but ultimately, the best one-liner is simply the one that feels right.

You can keep score and declare an official winner or just have fun crafting cheesy lines as a group.


Game by
Andy Wallace (andymakes.com)
Jane Friedhoff (janefriedhoff.com)

Card art by Bree Ruben (breerubin.com)

This game was originally shown at the Come Out And Play festival in NYC in 2014.

The photos were taken by Lia Bulaong at Come Out And Play.


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