A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

This tool lets you drag in images of cards or folders of images and export multi-page, ready-to-print PDFs that can be cut up and slipped into card sleeves.

Useful for creating your own cards games or for creating proxies for trading game cards that are too valuable to actually play with.

This is a more user friendly version of my Booster Pack Generator which I used to test my own games. Check that tool out if you are looking to print full homebrew card sets.

This tool is free & you can share it.

If this tool is useful to you (or if it isn't), please donate to one of these amazing organizations:

Lambda Legal


Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Planned Parenthood

Black Lives Matter

This tool was written in openFrameworks 0.9.3
The source code for this project can be viewed here:

Images in the screenshots come from https://twitter.com/RoboRosewater
and from The Easter Money (made by me and Jane Friedhoff).

Install instructions

Make sure to unzip the folder before running.

On Windows, if you get "Windows protected your PC" when opening the application, click "more info" and then "Run Anyway."

On Mac, if you get a message saying it can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, click OK. Right click (or command click) the app and select Open. This time when the unidentified developer window pops up, click open.


TCG Proxy Gen 1.1 (Mac) 5 MB
TCG Proxy gen 1.1 (Win) 7 MB

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